About All State Crane and Rigging

Thank you for your interest in learning about All State Crane and Rigging!

We’re a full-service crane-rental company that outfits any jobsite of any size. If you need a complex, customized solution with several pieces of equipment over a long period of time, we can make it happen. If you need a single piece of equipment for even an hour or two, we’re here to help.

Safety First

On site, our NCCCO-certified operators and riggers keep your tasks moving efficiently and safely, saving time and money as you complete your job.

Family Oriented

All State Crane and Rigging is a family-owned company founded on the premise of making your jobs easier, safer and more reliable.

Team Mentality

With a team of passionate individuals, we make sure you get what you need for every job—we’re not going to try to sell you on something you don’t need and we’re not going to tell you something will work when it won’t.

Honest Pricing

Honest, up-front planning and pricing ensures your jobsite is equipped properly for the duration of the rental.

With multiple locations in  Michigan and North Carolina, we provide crane and equipment rental to the Great Lakes Region and the rest of the United States.

All State Crane and Rigging is the EXCLUSIVE dealer of Potain Tower Cranes in North Carolina, Michigan and can deal nation-wide. Offering sales, service, training and rentals.

About All State Crane and Rigging

We take pride in contributing to our community through honest and quality work. Our aim to to make this a better place through how we interact with you and the services we provide.

We look forward to working with you.

An Emphasis on Safety

Safety on any jobsite is of the utmost importance, but we take it to another level with All State Crane.