Crane Services Custom Solutions

All State Crane and Rigging offers custom solutions through our crane services. Our diverse fleet of cranes and experienced operators can handle any jobs in various industries.

With a team of passionate individuals, we make sure you get what you need for every job.

Your jobsite is the most important thing to you, which makes it the most important thing to us, giving you full support and service throughout the job.

Crane Services Custom Solutions

Commercial Construction

We offer a comprehensive range of cranes for commercial construction projects, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern building and infrastructure development. Our fleet includes tower cranes, mobile cranes, rough terrain cranes, and crawler cranes. Whether you need to lift heavy materials, maneuver in tight spaces, or achieve significant heights, our cranes are maintained to the highest standards and operated by skilled professionals. Partnering with us ensures that your construction project benefits from optimal performance, timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions.

Roads and Bridges

We have a versatile array of cranes tailored for road and bridge construction projects, ensuring that your infrastructure initiatives are executed with precision and efficiency. With a focus on safety and reliability, our cranes are operated by experienced professionals who are committed to meeting your project's specific requirements. By choosing our crane services, you are guaranteed enhanced productivity, minimized downtime, and seamless integration into your construction timeline.

all terrain cranes on the highway Crane Services Custom Solutions
all-terrain mobile crane

Plants and Processing

We offer a specialized range of cranes designed for the unique demands of plants and processing facilities, ensuring your industrial operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our fleet is capable of handling heavy machinery, delicate components, and extensive materials with ease. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and operated by skilled professionals, providing reliable support for installation, maintenance, and operational tasks within your facility. Partnering with us guarantees enhanced safety, operational efficiency, and the seamless integration of our crane solutions into your industrial workflows.

HVAC and Facility Maintenance

Operated by experienced professionals, our cranes are equipped to handle the delicate and heavy lifting required for HVAC units and other facility maintenance needs. By choosing our crane services, you benefit from enhanced safety, minimized downtime, and a seamless integration of our lifting solutions into your maintenance schedule, ensuring the smooth operation of your facilities.

Crane Services Custom Solutions
all-terrain mobile crane Crane Services Custom Solutions

Ports, Docks and Ships

We offer a comprehensive range of cranes tailored for the demanding environments of ports, docks, and shipyards, designed to enhance efficiency and safety in maritime operations. Operated by skilled professionals and maintained to the highest standards, our cranes ensure seamless loading, unloading, and material handling processes. Partnering with us guarantees increased operational efficiency, reduced turnaround times, and reliable support for your port and dock activities.

Telecommunications and Cell Towers

We provide specialized crane services for the telecommunications industry, focusing on the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of cell towers and related infrastructure. Our fleet includes versatile mobile cranes and truck-mounted cranes, ideal for reaching the heights and navigating the challenging terrains often associated with cell tower projects. Operated by experienced professionals, our cranes ensure precise and safe lifting of antennas, transmitters, and other equipment. By choosing our crane services, you gain a partner committed to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your telecommunications projects, ensuring timely completion and minimal disruption to services.

all terrain cranes

Sports and Entertainment

Our fleet includes versatile mobile cranes and compact truck-mounted cranes, perfect for handling the unique challenges of stadiums, arenas, and outdoor event spaces. Operated by skilled professionals, our cranes are ideal for lifting and positioning lighting rigs, sound systems, stages, and large set pieces. Partnering with us guarantees seamless integration into your event timeline, enhanced operational efficiency, and reliable support, ensuring your event runs smoothly and impresses your audience.

Boom truck crane at Michigan State Spartan Stadium
all-terrain mobile crane

Crane Services Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique lift?

We can handle it.

Mike Seifert
May 11, 2024
We have used All State Crane for multiple projects most recently to assist in combining two manufacturing facilities. This project included moving 12 large machines that consisted of close to 30 truckloads. They were very responsive and everyone I worked with was professional and knew what they were doing. We have moved machines from 6 tons to 30 tons with them and they have always been up for the challenge. We will use All State for future projects.
Judd Bagladi
May 8, 2024
The crane arrived on time and the operator was very smooth and calculated. Highly recommend.
Justin Lyon
May 8, 2024
We have worked them for years and have always had excellent service. From using their boom trucks to their self erecting tower cranes they always meet our needs. Their sales team has been great with crane sizing and solutions for difficult projects. I wouldn’t recommend any other company.
sandy uridge
March 26, 2024
Wow! So impressed with All State Crane & Rigging! They arrived early, were super professional and polite. Darryl and Jordon did a fantastic job and they did it so efficiently. I highly recommend!
Skyler Gardner
March 22, 2024
Worked with Kris as our operator on a job. Very talented and highly proficient in his work. Most professional operator I've ever dealt with. Absolutely would recommend to every job. Give the man a raise!
wyatt Eckwielen
August 15, 2022
Lifted a Rooftop unit for our company, did a great job was understanding when we found ductwork still attached will use Eric again highly recommend
Greg Custer
August 11, 2022
Needed a crane to lift a hot tub over a two story house and place on a deck. All State delivered! Brandi assessed the situation, quickly provided an estimate and was fantastic to work through to final timing. Eric was the crane operator and Tim did the rigging. Both are outstanding at what they do. Thanks to you all for providing a great stress free experience!
Colton Lund Case
August 11, 2022
Eric postman came out to set trusses couldn't ask for a better operator will definitely use again
Jeremy Finlay
July 7, 2022
Always have great experiences with this company. Brandi Emory is great at what she does and the guys she sends out do GREAT WORK and always on time.