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Material and Buck Hoists

Material hoists and buck hoists are essential pieces of equipment in construction and industrial settings. Material hoists are designed to vertically transport heavy loads, such as construction materials, tools, and equipment, to various levels of a building or worksite. These hoists play a crucial role in improving efficiency and safety by reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of accidents associated with lifting and carrying heavy items up and down stairs or scaffolding.

On the other hand, buck hoists are specialized vertical transportation systems primarily used for transporting workers to different levels of a construction site. They provide a safe and efficient means of access, ensuring that workers can easily move between floors or high-rise structures, thus optimizing productivity while adhering to strict safety regulations.

Both material hoists and buck hoists are indispensable tools for the modern construction industry, contributing to smoother operations and enhanced workplace safety.

MH1500 Material Hoist

OGEI S-1000 Material Hoist

STC CH2000 Buck Hoist