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Step 2    Vehicle Configuration
Please define the vehicle to be permitted.  If you have saved vehicles/units in your My Vehicles library, you may choose one or more of those vehicles/units and select Recall Vehicle Data to populate the fields with the saved information. The information may be modified as needed. Dimensions can be entered in various formats. For example, a dimension of 14 feet 6 inches can be entered as 14 6 (that is 14 space 6), 14-6, 14'6", or 14.5.
Stored Vehicles/Units   hide
Truck/Combined Options First Trailer Second Trailer
Recall Create New Reset
Vehicle Information
Vehicle Type
Power Unit Type License Number License State
Trailer 1 Type License Number License State

Object Information

Description  Conveyance
Length Width Height Weight Make Model Serial Number
Overall Vehicle Dimensions
Gross Rear
Max Trailer
Length Width Height Weight Overhang
Axle Information
Total Number of Axles 
(Front)Axle 1
Axle 2
Axle 3
Axle 4
Axle 5
Axle 6
Axle Weight 
Number of Tires
Tread Width 
Axle Gauge 
Axle Spacing
Truck Display   hide